Murphy & Franklin's silly shenanigans

I took Murphy out with me last night when I ran to the store since it was finally a cool day and he’s been cooped up inside. He loved it and enjoyed his face in the wind. The medications are helping tons but I think he’s depressed from being so sedentary. Only eleven more days… :(

  1. ojlivers09 said: I usually keep up with my tumblr corgmonsters - but what’s wrong with Murphy that he’s on meds? Hope he cheers up, he is adorable, I wish I could give him belly scratches :)
  2. gatsbyadventures said: Hang in there big guy!
  3. faerielandcorgiandbeagle said: Poor Murphy! Glad to hear he is on the mend though! Give him a hug from me, and Fae sends kisses!
  4. iothecorgi said: I love Murphy’s face. I spot him immediately in pictures because his happy face reflects his personality. xoxo
  5. rose8423 said: Poor Murphy
  6. lovemycorgi posted this
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